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Sam Bourne

Sam Bourne is your typical English lad: quick to a pub and a pint, and always up for a good time. The only thing that may be different between other British bros and him is the fact that Sam gets to fuck beautiful women around the world for a living. It's not the profession you may think for the young Mr. Bourne, whose fresh face and innocent exuberance belies his growing renown in the porn field. But make no mistake, while he may look like a young upstart, Sam Bourne has already embraced The Porn Identity and is making a big name for himself in the business. Sam has used his position as the new face of British porn to his advantage, fucking some of the hottest MILFs and spinners the British Isles have to offer. He is already being recognized for his part in elevating the homegrown industry in the UK, recently getting a nomination for Best Male Performer at the prestigious fan-voted SHAFTA Awards! He has also worked with some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the world, and is becoming quite the commodity both domestically and abroad. That suits Sam right down to the ground, of course, since he is an avid traveler, keen party-machine, and of course, savage fucker. When Sam isn't laying pipe to the hottest harlots across the world, he's hanging out with his friends, hopping around Europe, and having fun times at home. As is true of most Englishmen, Sam is obsessed with football (or soccer if you're in The United States). He supports Liverpool FC, and is a big fan of the English national team. Of course, it would make sense that he'd have such a great love of The Beautiful Game even if he wasn't English, given how much he uses his own balls to score! Since he is so good at it, it's only a matter of time until Sam Bourne's sharp rise on the international scene sees him in porn's Premier League, where he will undoubtedly play for a very long time!
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